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    Happy Caturday everyone! I am a little late in my report about sensory but I checked with the Denmaster and she said I could post late. This was a great and fun event.

    • Once I was an outdoor cat with kittens of my own to take care of but now I am an inside cat only. I have the best house for watching all the action going on outside. I have big windows in the front and back of my house plus ones on the north side too. The front and back windows are the best. I get to see such things as birds, chipmunks, bunnies, and ducks. You name it and it probably has been spotted in my yard. I love hiding and watching out the window. My ears are at attention listening for sounds of the wild, then when I spot something my whole body comes to attention and I watch. It is very entertaining to say the least. I have a special place in my cat condo that I hide in and a chipmunk comes and visits. He does not even know I am watching. I bet he would be so afraid if he knew how close I was to him. I sometimes get sleepy from all my watching and take advantage of the warm sun on my furs and will take a nap. Thought I look like I am sleeping part of me is waiting to listen, see and hopefully touch what is outside. The touching will not happen but I do play with my toys and pretend that I have caught one of natures critters to play with. I would play with the critters then release them unharmed.
        • Fabulous perch to observe all the action, Anya! How lucky that you have so much wildlife and pretty trees to provide entertainment and stimulation for you!
          • That’s awesome Anya. You have a great place to watch all of the visitors. You have lots of windows to safely watch the bunny, chipmunk and everyone else that comes in your yard.
          • 😀 Anya, you have such an interesting array of fauna and flora to study, and such comfortable and well-placed observation points. That bunny had no idea you were snapping his photo.

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