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    We are OK. Mom finally got our Christmas cards done for our family and friends. Dad mailed them this morning. We mailed the ones to our Scout friends a week ago, LOL. I guess you know where mom places her priorities, MOL. Mom and I are trying to keep the Golden Paws going. Mom scrolled back and found Timmy’s “recipe’s”. Looking back over them made mom leaky eyed. It has been a cloudy day, but as soon as we posted on the Golden Paws the sun came out. It was only here for a brief time but mom felt like it was a sign from heaven.

    • I got my card from you. Even thought I am not quite a senior yet, I stop by Golden Paws sometimes.
      • There are signs of things we can’t explain..other than divine intervention! We believe it! 🧡🐾🐈
        • Your’s was the first card I received. Mommy put up a stocking just for me and my cards (maybe some gifts from Santa too)
            • I’m glad that my furrends are getting their cards. I know that Santa will bring you some gifts, Bunty. You are always well behaved.
            • How lovely, Andy! I am sure it was a sign. The Golden Paws is getting to be a bigger group as more of us age. It would be nice to plan some sort of event after the New Year when everybody will be kind of looking for some fun.
              • Your card was the first to arrive, Andy! Mom hasn’t mailed ours out yet because she did the Service Projects ones and is now working on the Museum’s annual newsletter. We have a very efficient P.O here!

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