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    I thought the different types of technology that Caroline used was interesting. It was interesting that the technology did not always work but that she kept trying to figure it out.

    • I especially like the camera.
      • I wondered about the size of them on his collar. They looked pretty big in the illustrations
        • Yes, she sure did use a lot of technology.
          I have to admit, mama kept wondering if she was so concerned about where he was going, why she just didn’t keep him in the house.
          • One of our neighbors found a kitty who was wearing a tracker, he also had his phone number on his collar and when his parents answered the phone they said they were very disappointed that his tracker didn’t work, At least he was returned safe and sound
              • Good thing he had his phone number
                • That’s a shame about the tracker! But so good that he had his phone number on his collar
                  • Sawyer also now has a tracker but he also has his name address and phone number on his tags! He’s also microchipped, but too many people who find cats don’t think to have a cat checked for that.

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