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    I was surprised that Caroline did not know her neighbors. We talk to our neighbors and we watch out for each other. I did not realize that it was not like that in San Francisco.

    • Mommy and I live in an apartment complex and hardly ever see our neighbors so we don’t know them at all
      • I thought that was odd, too. Especially since mama’s friend in San Francisco tells her the weather is usually quite pleasant, you would think people would be outdoors and chatting.
        • I think it really depends. Here we go 2 on one side and 4 the other. We are pretty far apart and no sidewalk on a fast highway
            • That is true, Einstein, it was actually easier to know the neighbors when my parents lived in town, in a townhouse where everyone was close by. Here in the country, with no sidewalks and the houses further apart, you have to make an effort to meet your neighbors.
              • That that’s scary!
              • We know a few of our neighbors but not all. But we got to know everybody for blocks all around us when searching for Sawyer.
                • We know our neighbours but when our neighbours were traffickers…no, we didn’t get to know them better. Bottom line Caroline got to know her neighbours.
                    • Yikes, Shoko. I don’t know if you mean drugs or humans, but either way it’s better not to get to know them too well.

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