• Andy McIntyre posted an update in the group Group logo of Quiet RoomQuiet Room 3 weeks ago

    Can you send some prayers for my Grandma Jeanette (dad’s mom) and for our family. Grandma Jeanette is 91 years old and she is not doing well. She was in the hospital but there isn’t anything more that they can do for her. They sent her to a nursing home, She doesn’t want to eat or take her medication. They put her in a chair and she just stares into space. Mom thinks that she just wants to go to sleep and not wake up. Dad is trying to accept it, but it is very hard.

    • Jake replied 3 weeks ago
      I am so sorry. Sending prayers for your family and your Grandma.
      • Raz replied 3 weeks ago
        Purrs and prayers for Grandma Jeanette and your whole family.
        • Oh Andy, we’re so sorry. We’re sending lots of hugs and purrayers fur all. Saying goodbye is never easy, hopefully your grandma will rally and feel better.
          • Absolutely sending prayers for your Grandma and all of your family as well……..
            • prayers for your family
              • Andy when some people get to that age it is really hard to see the quality of life especially when they got someplace like a nursing home. Nurse Dad would suggest taking some family photo albums and talks to her about future oriented things like Thanksgiving and Christmas and visits from family. That may help a little. Our family sends yours and Grandma all the purrs and prayers we can muster dear friend
                • Andy we feel so sad and of course we send our family support in purrs and prayers
                  • Andy, your grandma Jeanette has been in mama’s daily prayers, and she will continue to pray for her.
                    Love and Hugs for her and for your parents.
                    • Thank you everyone for your purrs, prayers and kind words. Thanks Timmy and Einie for the suggestion of having her look at photos. Grandma does not see to well but dad is going to take a photo album and a magnifying glass to her.
                      • I’m very sorry to hear about your grandma, Andy. If she isn’t ill, she’s just sad, and that can be just as bad. Our prayers and rubs coming right to you and your pawrents.
                        • Chip replied 1 week ago
                          We are so sorry and sad, Andy. Timmy’s dad had some good suggestions! I remember when my Grandma Kitty, Mom’s mom, was like that. She wasn’t quite that old. It’s really hard. But … just love her. Let her know you love her, and..sadly, let her know she can go when she is ready. That’s hard. But there is some comfort in it actually, Mom discovered. Mom asked me to tell you she loves you!! She loves my furends!! I’m glad!!🧡🐾💖🎨

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