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    I would like to go deep sea diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I want to see the Blanket Octopus. The female blanket octopus has a long, fleshy ‘cape’ enclosing its tentacles. This cape makes the octopus appear larger and more intimidating to potential predators. The blanket octopus is carnivorous, with a diet that consists mostly of smaller fish. This octopus has one of the strangest methods of hunting prey: using a tentacle ripped from toxic jellyfish as a weapon. The sting of a jellyfish does not affect the Blanket Octopus.

    • Oh whoops, I just posted the same octopus. You beat me by seven minutes, and I should’ve checked first to see if someone else came in before I posted.
      But that’s OK we posted different information and different pictures.
        • It’s funny that we did the same Octopus. We posted different facts, so everybody learned twice as much about the Blanket Octopus.
        • T hat’s interesting about the tentacle ripped from a jellyfish used as a weapon!
          I had not seen that fact.
          • Good job! That is an odd way to hunt, but very clever. Thanks for including a photo.
            • That is really cool. Using a dangerous tentacle against your pray Ingenious
              • Boy, that octopus is prepared! Yikes.
                • These are so neat. Never heard of them before and learned twice as much from the two different reports.

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