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    I made two vision boards. The first one I made for my mom. The second one I made for my angel pup Rosco. On the day he went to the Bridge, he ordered a new puppy from his very own breeder.

    • Mama, for years, had been planning that when the cat-hating Rosco went to the Bridge, she would immediately go to the kitty shelter and get another kitty.
      But another Rat Terrier from the same breeder may very well be a cat-hater himself. And the breeder had told her when she got Rosco that that breed of dog will kill a cat.
      (Of course, I had no such fears, because Rosco knew I was the boss. I was very dog-savvy. He was afraid of me.)
        • I love your vision boards Aetheling. So did your family get another dog? I bet your ruled the house and kept Roscoe in his place.
            • Andy, he is still in his Mom Gracie’s tummy. We are praying for a boy for us, because mama will not take a girl.
            • It’s all in the “tude,” for sure! We cats can usually scope things out pretty quickly.
            • Love both of them, Aetheling! Has the new pup arrived yet?
              • Great job! I like them both.

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