• Ætheling posted an update in the group Group logo of CampfireCampfire 4 months ago

    Hello everyone!
    Silly me, I was thinking this was at 6 o’clock. Good thing I checked!

    • Hi, we have plenty of food to eat
      • Hi Aetheling
        • The poster gave a later time, but the post and sidebar said earlier.
            • Oh, That’s why I thought it was later, Sunny, I saw the poster and didn’t check back to see the change to an earlier time.
              Good thing Andy emailed me last night to remind me. I realized he had written 4 o’clock. Thank you, Andy.
            • Glad you checked
              • Hi Aetheling – it’s actually over at 6 – glad you made it!!
                • Hi everybody – I did the poster for Cat – the original poster I did said 6-8PM then we changed it 4-6 and I ACCIDENTALLY posted the wrong poster in some of the groups. I’m SOOOOO sorry!
                    • T hat’s OK, Teddy. I should’ve checked back. The good thing is we are all here 😃
                    • Raz replied 4 months ago
                      That’s what I thought so I am super late 🙁

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