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    So what did Sawyer have to say for himself when he came home?
    Did he show up himself at his own door?
    Did someone recognize his face on a flyer, capture him, and call his mom?
    Did someone see him wandering around, recognize his photo from the Internet, and call his mom to tell her they saw him in someone’s yard or woods? Did she go out there and find him and call him to her?
    Did Cooper give him heck for running away?

    • Good questions we all want to hear what Sawyer have to say for himself!
      • So…here’s the story. There had been a couple of sightings of cats people thought might have been Sawyer…but neither were…so he had not been seen in 24 days. Mom and Dad had put plastic-covered posters everywhere (which they had to do twice because of some bad rains), delivered more than 200 flyers to residences within a several block area, and they put a big sign in our yard. Mom also posted him as missing to every social media site available. Tuesday night, she got a voicemail from a lady who saw on a social media site for a neighborhood adjacent to ours a photo of a found cat that looked like Sawyer. (She lives a couple blocks from us and had seen all his posters and his sign and had gotten a flyer.) She told Mom that she was going to the house and gave mom the address. Mom called her back to find out where his photo was posted. When she and Dad saw it, they knew it was Sawyer. He even still had his collar and tags on. When mom got to the house where he was seen, He wasn’t there but others had seen him in different places along this one Block (.9 miles from home). Mom and Dad and several others searched for him in the dark with flashlights but didn’t find him. Mom decided to stay the night to stake out the area. She set up camp in the car in front of the house where he’d been seen and then spread bowls of cat food, the stinky empty cat food cans And treats along most of the block and waited. Four hours later, Mom brought Sawyer home. He kept coming and eating the food and then Retreating. Each time he let Mom get a little closer to him. Finally she was sitting right next to him. She stayed right there and kept letting him sniff her hands. Finally she grabbed him, wrapped her t-shirt around him and headed to the car where she wrapped him in a towel and stuffed him in a PTU. He was mad as H E double toothpicks. He bit her several times, clawed, scratched and gouged her. It was obvious that he finally wanted to be found as he was letting people see him, but he wasn’t going to give up his freedom without a fight. This whole story has a weird twist. Mom kept praying to all our angel predecessor cats to look down from above and find him. The house where he ended up and where he was photographed is the exact house from which our mom and dad adopted their very first cat, Skooter, in the mid-80s. Sawyer lost about a pound and a half of weight, but the vet checked him out and otherwise he is fine! This was a miracle, and we are all so thankful for the prayers and support of friends from all around the world. We know this and Skooter brought him back to us. 💓🐾🐈
          • I am so happy Sawyer is home. Boy what an adventure. He sure took too long to let his folks find him. I bet he is enjoying the food his folks are giving to him.
          • Whew! Sawyer! Everything your family went through to find you, and that’s how you repay your mom! She was in pain, and her feelings were probably hurt by the way you acted. ♥️
            😃 But she and all your furmily are now filled with joy and gratitude that you are returned to them! 😃
            ♥️ Now you know how much your mom loves you, by what she went through and suffered to bring you safely back home. ♥️
            😻 She is one dedicated and caring mom, and you had better give her lots of purrs and sandpaper kisses in appreciation. 😽😽😽😽😽
            (And you better be thankful if Cooper doesn’t turn you over his knee! )
            😃😺 All we scouts and our typists are also so relieved that you are back home again, and that the vet says you are fine! 😺😃

            🤔 I don’t remember, did you grow up on the streets?

              • 😻 And that is so cool that the house where he ended up, and where he was photographed, is the same house where your mom and dad adopted their first Skooter! 😻
              • Here is a link to Sawyer’s story on their mom’s blog.


                • It is a TRULY remarkable story and there were obviously Angels at work to bring Sawyer home again. Mom Janet and Dad Tom went to amazing lengths to gather support from their community and it paid off big time. As we’ve said before – MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!

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