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    Odelia was kind of obnoxious, but maybe it was because I was listening to her lines being read on the audiobook. 👂🎧
    She wanted to believe the worst of Chase. She wanted to believe the worst of his cat.
    She wanted to believe the worst of Harriet, as if Harriet couldn’t take care of herself.
    She thought Chase and Brutus must be sex offenders, yet didn’t seem to think the same of her grandma, even though grandma did embarrass her a bit.

    Pushing herself into the police investigation like it was her divine right. Offended when told she couldn’t question witnesses/suspects with the police. 😂 Just obnoxious.

    • I did think she was bit too aggressive (as compared with assertive), but the wrong sort of voice could really influence how one would feel about a book.
      • The police chief had been letting her into the investigations, which isn’t usual. But since she already was doing it, I can understand her wanting to continue.
        • A bit yes but they did couch that with it being the way things had been in town and that it was very different than New York. Again the people doing the audio would really impact this
            • Sunny and Timmy, that is true. She was used to the small-town atmosphere and her family atmosphere, she was used to doing it that way.
            • She did come across as pushy.

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