Earn a Ghost Bird Merit Badge

NOTE: If you were one of the 4 scouts who attended a previous class and were promised 500 extra pts for attending live, and 500 for finishing by 5 pm–if you don’t think you received your pts, leave a note in the comments below.

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REMEMBER! You must take and pass the quiz to earn your badge. If you claim the badge without passing the quiz you’ll get 2500 demerits.


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  1. Ætheling 1 year ago

    I passed this test with 100%!
    Denmaster, I was one of the four Scouts who did not get that previous class’s 500 points for attending, and 500 points for finishing by 5 PM.

  2. Author
    Denmaster 1 year ago

    OK I updated points for Raz, Coop, and Aetheling. Anyone else?

  3. Cat P 1 year ago

    WOw! I passed with 97% at 4:59pm. I can’t believe ZI made it!

  4. Raz 1 year ago

    I passed with a 98%. Denmaster, I checked and I didn’t get the extra points either.

  5. Cooper Murphy 1 year ago

    Got 97% on my test!

  6. Cooper Murphy 1 year ago

    Denmaster from what I can tell by looking at my achievements, which I have trouble opening most of the time, I did not receive these points.
    Thank you, Cooper Murphy

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