Fantastic Fungi

Those of you who were able to attend the screening of the Fantastic Fungi movie were no doubt in awe of the mushroom’s power. 70% of biological carbon in soil is made of fungi, and there are 3.8 million species of fungi. See what I mean? Fungi are powerful!

We’ll review a little today, then have a quick quiz and assignment!


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Take the Quiz

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Pick a fungus, any fungus, and write about it. 150+ words (200+ if written with a partner), posting your report in the comments field below. Then post THREE photos of the most beautiful fungi you can find over in the CSU group.

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  1. Bunty B 2 years ago

    Finally I passed the quiz!

  2. Chip 2 years ago

    Is this where I was supposed to post my report? I put in at CSU. Do I need to move it?

    Denmaster, I really want to thank you for choosing this subject. I really had not idea fungi were that important!! We needed some Fungi Awareness!!!

  3. Bunty B 2 years ago

    I failed the quiz.

  4. Angel SammyP 2 years ago

    My report-I chose the chicken of the woods mushroom because my Dad recently foraged some.
    The genus name is Laetiporus and the species Laetiporus sulphureus are chicken of the woods also called the chicken mushroom because many say they taste like chicken.
    My folks didn’t let me try them , but Mom and Dad both said they taste like chicken and even look like chicken, even breaking apart the same way with a fork.

    Individual “shelves grow from 2 to 10 inches across. These shelves are made up of many tiny tubular filaments called hyphae. The mushroom grows in large brackets and are most commonly found on wounds of trees. SOme can weigh up to 100 pounds.

    They are not only tasty and can be used in place of chicken in recipes. They can also inhibit staph bacteria. The only bad part is it eventually kills the host tree.

  5. Timmy Tomcat 2 years ago

    Timmy & Einstein Fungi Report on The Destroying Angel
    When we first saw fantastic fungi, like all of you, we thought how fun it would be to run out into the woods and pick mushrooms. Then Dad reminded us that although fantastic all fungi is not at all harmless and unless you know what you are doing you may get something that is dangerous.
    Right Timmy so we decided to do our report on the Destroying Angel (Amanita bisporigera) and Death Cap (Amanita phalloides) look a lot like edible species, grow in our area and grow worldwide. Fungi grow in different substrates and this one likes the edges of woodlands or grassy meadows near trees or shrubs which would make is much like an edible species like button, meadow, or horse mushrooms. When young and still in their universal veil they may look like puffball like mushrooms that are picked while hunting a tasty snack.
    Einstein its poison is what is called an Amatoxin which causes severe liver damage, diarrhea, vomiting and even hypothermia and death If ingested in toxic amounts. These toxins are responsible for 90% of the fatalities due to mushroom poisonings. These account for most deaths due to mushroom poisoning. Symptoms do not appear right away and by the time you get ill the damage to liver and kidney is irreversible. Yikes
    The thing Dad wanted us to know is that since this is so similar to a few edible species maybe it would be best to not eat any that grow on wood with this appearance until we were full fledged Mycologists. Maybe we will stick with canned right Timmy. You bet Einie.

  6. Teddy K 2 years ago

    Here’s my fungi report! My Mom’s favorite fungi!

    Chanterelle, Highly prized, fragrant, edible mushroom (Cantharellus cibarius) in the order Cantharellales (phylum Basidiomycota). It is bright yellow in color and is found growing on forest floors in summer and autumn. Its similarity to the poisonous jack-o-lantern (Clitocybe illudens, order Agaricales), an orange-yellow fungus that glows in the dark, emphasizes the need for careful identification by the mushroom gatherer. They grow ONLY near trees, not alone in fields. They also don’t grow in big clumps or on rotting wood. You can’t really grow them at home, so if you find a patch of them, return there year after year to pick more… they’ll be back. Chanterelles are among some of the world’s most popular mushrooms. They’re funnel shaped and kind of look a bit like an oyster mushroom, in that they have very pronounced “gills” that run down into the stem.

    The word chanterelle comes from the greek word kantharos, which means cup, a reference to the mushroom’s shape.

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