CSU Summer School ’22: The Desert Tortoise


If you have attended all of the summer school classes, you’re eligible for a 1000-pt bonus. Leave your name in the comments so that I can verify and grant you your points (which should hit this weekend).

Thanks for attending this week!

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Eat Some Cake

Celebrate the end of summer school with a slice of cake!

  1. Cat P 4 months ago

    Thank you for a great week of summer school. I really learned a lot. Thank you for the delicious cake.

  2. RaenaBelle High 4 months ago

    I’s didn’t finish all the quizzes. We had internet problems. But I’s did what I’s was able too. Have a great summer all. Thanky thanks fur the cake.

  3. Seymour Sullivan 4 months ago

    Loved the cake, too, Denmaster! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Bunty B 4 months ago

    I attended all the classes and passed all the quizzes.

  5. Ætheling 4 months ago

    I attended all the classes and got 100%.
    Denmaster, that would be neat if you adopted a desert tortoise.
    Thanks for the cake! It’s delicious!

  6. Raz 4 months ago

    Thank you Denmaster! Another great class. I passed with 100%. Mom sees Gopher Tortoise all the time when she walks in the park.

    Thanks for the cake too, it’s yummy!

    • Author
      Denmaster 4 months ago

      I actually looked into tortoise rescue because I really like turtles and tortoises and know they have personalities just like cats and deer. But I don’t think my enclosure is secure enough for one (they burrow under fences), and given their long lifespans they’d outlive me. I’d LOVE to see one on a walk!

      • Seymour Sullivan 4 months ago

        How cool! I enjoyed all the classes and passed all the quizzes, but I lost track of the days of the week!!
        I listened to 5 and tested for 5 – had to check myself!

        Thank you, Denmaster, for some fun and fascinating info about our big world and the creature who inhabit it!

    • Author
      Denmaster 4 months ago

      I added your bonus points!

  7. Cooper Murphy 4 months ago

    Thanks for the cake, Denmaster. I really enjoyed all our Summer School classes and learned a lot!

  8. Chessie Hauck 4 months ago

    Chessie completed her week at Summer school!! Yippee!!!

  9. Teddy K 4 months ago

    Summer School has been wonderful Denmaster……the videos taught us a LOT about our fellow creatures AND even about ourselves! Thanks for the cake too……you’re the BEST!

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