CSU Summer School ’22: Male Cat Facts


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  1. Seymour Sullivan 10 months ago

    Loved it!~

  2. Bunty B 10 months ago

    3rd time is the charm, passed with 100%

  3. Bunty B 10 months ago

    can I try again? I can pass it this time.

  4. Bunty B 10 months ago

    I failed, bummer

  5. Raz 10 months ago

    Darn…I only got 84% but I passed. I wonder what I missed? It’s embarrassing since I am a male cat!

  6. Teddy K 10 months ago

    WOW – I learned a lot !

  7. Ætheling 10 months ago

    Denmaster, thank you. That was an interesting and informative and fun lesson

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