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You may take the quiz as many times as necessary to pass, but only the FIRST time you take it will count toward the contest… the scout who completes the quiz with the highest score in the shortest amount of time will win a fabulous prize. For purposes of the contest, you must complete your first quiz before midnight ET on Wed. April 8th.


Good news! No assignment is required to get your merit badge, just pass the quiz. But please…share your thoughts about interesting stuff you learned about salamanders and chameleons this week!


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  1. Angel Gracie 3 years ago

    OMC! I finally did it!!!!! Anya and I walked away and then came back to take it one more time. WE did i!!!!! OMC!!!!
    Phew, we need a rest now. Got an 80%

  2. Angel Gracie 3 years ago

    Hey, isn’t a 70% passing, hummmmm

  3. Angel Gracie 3 years ago

    Throwing in the towel for right now. I got a 70 I do not know what I am answering wrong. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Angel Gracie 3 years ago

    I failed two times. I don’t see the test so I can try again. Trouble is I don’t know which ones I have wrong.

  5. Ætheling 3 years ago

    I got 43% the first try, and 53% a second try! MOL! Andy’s notes came in handy, but I think I need to be able to watch the videos. MOL!

    • Felix and Maggie 3 years ago

      You’ll do great once you see the films, Aetheling!

  6. Bunty B 3 years ago

    Do we have a redemption code for the merit badge yet? Pretty sure I didn’t win anything.

  7. Teddy K 3 years ago

    At last – I passed with an 83%………………whew!

  8. Andy McIntyre 3 years ago

    I am so embarrassed. I had to take it a few times before I passed it. I was getting confused. I feel so stupid. I am glad I passed.

    • Felix and Maggie 3 years ago

      You passed, Andy! Good job. We often have to take the quizzes more than once.

  9. Shoko 3 years ago

    Need to redo…it’s all Tyebe’s fault…she rushed us.

    • Shoko 3 years ago

      Passed the second time around.

  10. Bunty B 3 years ago

    80% passed

  11. Teddy K 3 years ago

    OOPS – I need to redo the test! Better study the videos more…………ouch!

  12. Timmy Tomcat 3 years ago

    It took us a lot of tries to pass but finally we got an 83.333333333333333333333333 MOL.

    • Shoko 3 years ago

      We got 80% second time around Timmy.

  13. Felix and Maggie 3 years ago

    OMG! We got 100 on the quiz! This has never happened before. Must be because we worked together!

    • Timmy Tomcat 3 years ago

      That is amazing you two

    • Ætheling 3 years ago

      Congratulation! That is wonderful!

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