Merit Badge: Bats!

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Pick the most interesting type of bat you can find. Write a short report (a little longer if you and a roommate are co-writing it) about it and why this particular bat intrigues you, and post it in the Bat Merit Badge Group.

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If you watched the video, passed the quiz, and completed the assignment, claim your merit badge. REDEMPTION CODE: batty


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  1. Angel SammyP 3 years ago

    Took me a lot of tries, but I finally scored an 87%.

  2. Angel SammyP 3 years ago

    Interesting video. I noticed the lady told a child if he gets bitten by a bat to have a parent catch the bat to be tested for rabies like it is no big deal.She didn’t mention they need to cut the bats head off to find out if he is rabid.

    • Pete S. 3 years ago

      How sad that is for the bat….. less than 1% of bats have rabies. More dogs, raccoons, and other animals have rabies VS bats. Mom is a crazy bat lady, remember my floaty thing I made at this years Jamboree? I had a bat first mate.

  3. Cooper Murphy 3 years ago

    Denmaster, I did not find a fact sheet anywhere.

    • Teddy K 3 years ago

      Coop it’s up at the tippity top of this page – passed right by it!

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