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    Really me? This is terrific. I’m as delighted as if I won a fortune. Everybody likes to win something. Denmaster these Inaba Churu treats are not cheap but they are yummy. I got a few for my 2md. birthday. I thank you for your generosity. It is a very thoughtful gesture in such an unhappy and stressful year.. Everybody is worried and upset. Many, unhappy events have happened this year to everyone. So I want to donate the winnings to someone in the States. I want everyone to know that there is kindness and thoughtfulness out there. Yes, we’re a different country but we’re all cats with feelings.

    • Tyebe, you are a sweet and generous young lady. It is always fun to win, but it is also fun to pay those winnings forward. Mau and I have done this as well, Cat Scouts are kind and generous cats. Kudos to you and Shoko. 💖💓🐈 p.s. I am so happy to see a new photo of you as well.
      • Oh, Tyebe, you are just too sweet, kitten. <3
        • What a thoughtful thing to do Tyebe, you just demonstrated what it means to be a cat scout! You are the best!
          • You are a fine example of a Cat Scout Tyebe!
            • Tyebe, what a beautiful and kind gesture! You are a good Scout, dear little lady!
              • That’s VERY special dear Tyebe. Those treats are wonderful – Mom has ordered them for me before. We know Canadians are super special – you all are our best neighbors after all. Your generosity is very Scout-like!!! HUGS.
                  • My heavens…..Tyebe’s embarrassed now. I didn’t think it could be done but she didn’t want any praise for doing what her heart tells her is the best thing to do. My hissing and growling about stuff must’ve gotten through to her. She’s going to be a fine sister after all. Don’t let her know though.

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