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    It was a great say here. The sun was just beating down and it was 3C. Almost a heat wave. Mom has been out alot to appointments so she’s not on the computer much. We missed Chef Pete’s fab Hello Kitty dinner. Crap! I searched for mice in the sunlight but none were found.

    • Here is dinner,
      • We are sorry we didn’t make it to the Kitty Den last night. The meal looks very enjoyable. I know the chatter would be stimulating.
      • Tomorrow is another day, Tyebe!
        • Tyebe, the turnout last night was a bit smaller than normal. Run by today, there are lots of leftovers, and everything should still be very tasty! Well…not so sure about the salad. I’m not too keen on day old salad. It gets tired looking. But come on, it will be a great lunch!!
            • Thanks Chip. I’ll do that…..Day old salad doesn’t appeal to me either but this tomato bacon and fresh bread sound delish.
            • We missed you Tyebe but there are lots of to go boxes if you want us to send you some for lunch!
                • Thank you Chef Pete. I do like the tomato and bacon soup. You know the saying….everything is better with bacon.

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