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    We are all alright after a night on the couch. Why you ask? Well, the heater saga goes on. The guy from Friday came in and out in 10 minutes. Replaced the “Ignitor” for a LOT of part cost but OK, done, heat. Then last night Dad gets off the couch ready for bed and, what, the temp is 62? He turned it down to 66 and was on the couch with a blanket and 3 cats on top so did not notice. He turned on the oven and a burner and slept on the couch so he could see into the kitchen. We got treats, he read his book. went up to 64 with the oven but Dad worried about the pipes in the heater room. Set the hot and cold to drip. That is the secret. Remember that. Anyhoo.
    He had a baaaaad feeling about that Fast repair. In the AM he tried Angies and a got a number of a company with a lot of BBB +, but, then someone called from Angies. Dad asked about service call cost and it was normal and NO extra for Sunday if pawsible. Dad said OK. Guy called back and said 1030am and a guy came. Same guy as on the website. Big old fella. Moved slow but steady. He goes out to the heater for 40 minutes. Comes back. Says its fixed and shows dad a small hose end that is broken. Dad knows that hose helps tell the brain if the fan is on so you dont burn your heat exchanger out. Guy says he just cut the hose shorter and popped it on. No Parts Charge. Dad asked about a replacement heater. Guys says no need. Good for another 10 years. Funny. The other guy “suggested” a new heater. Dad thinks the speedy guy pushed that tube and put a small break in it knowing that in a short time the vibration would take it the rest of the way. Is he paranoid? Cannot know for sure but we know who is going to be the heating company from now on. Dad so misses getting around.

    • Guys, that sounds so frightening, and could have been dangerous with the burner on and all. Paws crossed that this will be it for the Winter! Maybe a different type of HVAC come Spring?
      • Tubby replied 1 month ago
        I sure hope it is fixed now.
        • Shoko replied 1 month ago
          Wow, you guys are lucky you didn’t set yourselves on fire. Definitely, there are companies that want us to spend thousands. Mom’s been through it with our windows. We were lucky and had to pay nothing. A part needed tweeking….so mom says. Hope tonight will be warmer for you.
          • Thanks. We are nice and warm and like the guy said, ten years until we need a heater!

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