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    We are okay, I had a good vet visit yesterday, I’ve had a small abscess on my chin for about a week, and dad managed to get me in to see my doctor yesterday. Dr Stacy cleaned it and tested the cells, It was related to feline acne and should clear up quickly. He gave me a shot of Covena and it feels fine now. It’s a beautiful day here, with lots of birds and squirrels to watch!

    • Glad your ok. Charlie had that. If you have any plastic bowls they can cause that. Once we got rid of that kind Charlie quit breaking out. Maybe you already know this.
        • Thanks Tubby, I had this a long time ago, and dad switched all of our bowls to glass and he washes them every evening on the sterilize setting in the dishwasher. I feel much better today thanks for reminding us that plastic bowls aren’t good for us. It’s good to share that information!
            • So glad your better today. Sometimes it would be painful for our Charlie. Hope you don’t get that.
          • So glad to hear that Pete. That is such an odd thing that feline acne. Make sure Dad knows that you should have a flat dish so you dont bump while eating.
              • dad got us all raised glass bowls so we dont have to bend down to eat and they are wide enough not to mash our whiskers.
              • Feline Acne can also occur when cats get wet food then dry food and cats aren’t very good at cleaning their own chin! It’s impossible to see your own chin! Tigger currently has one spot of feline acne too! There is a special cat shampoo having benzoyl peroxide good for feline acne! If that can’t be found, Dawn Dishwashing liquid works on The Cat Chin Acne too as long as it’s rinsed very well! If the acne begins to break open and bleed it will scab over and go away! Once Mom had long, long ago two or three females all with the CAT CHIN DISEASE of Feline Acne! Mom washes at bowls using ceramic bowls, not plastic bowls!

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