• Obi Trax posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    We’re okay here. Uneventful day. The humans are working but I think they need to take a break and play with us cats!

    • That sounds like a very reasonable plan, Obi! BTW, mom told me you have an outdoor kitty named Guy. How’s he doing, and can I send my best greetings to him as a former “outie?”
        • Guy is doing really well! He took a small stroll into the room off of the patio today and played with a toy mum had. She’s encouraging him to explore so he’s comfortable. Now the other night, it was 10 degrees and she brought him into the garage. He just lets her hold him and carry him through the house, paws dangling all cute. It the rest of us that are a bit hissy still. We’ll pass on your greeting to him! I’m sure he’ll appreciate knowing how lovely it is inside instead of outside.
            • I will be happy to “channel” with Guy any time! Once he takes that final step with all 4 paws inside, he will never want to turn back!
          • We hope you get some play time soon. Humans need that more than we do
            • They should take a break. It will benefit all of you

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