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    My report is on Why Polar Bears Don’t Exist in Antartica

    Millions of years ago, Earth’s continents were one giant continent known as Pangea. Animals of the time could travel uninhibited across lands that are now separated by oceans. But when Pangea broke apart about 200 million years ago this came to a halt.
    and the ancestor of today’s polar bears ended up on the “pieces” that became the continents of Europe, Asia, and North America. These were the ancestors of the North American brown bears 1.4 million years ago, but his is after Pangea broke apart. It wasn’t for another one million years that an albino version of the brown bear evolved and began to thrive in the Arctic. That is today’s polar bear.

    Antarctica also was once a part of the Pangea supercontinent before slowly drifting south. Unlike with the pieces that went north, no bear ancestors able to survive the harsh Antarctic climate were along for the ride south. So, this is why polar bears do not exist at the South Pole.

    The plight of the Arctic’s polar bears has captured global attention. Polar bears depend on the frozen ocean to hunt for their main sources of food: seals and walrus. Unfortunately, the rapid loss of the Arctic’s sea ice has reduced these hunting grounds substantially, causing many polar bears to starve. Now, polar bears are on the brink of extinction.

    Though the Antarctic has an appropriate climate for polar bears and food for them to eat, relocating the bears south is far from a reliable solution. Antarctica is largely lacking in land predators similar to the polar bear. Without these types of predators, penguins and seals have evolved to be rather confident when hanging out above the water. If polar bears were introduced to the South Pole, penguins would find themselves to be a food source for the polar bears, which could lead to devastating consequences for Antarctica’s long-term residents.

    • So true, Cooper! It is heartbreaking what’s happening to the polar bears up north. The only real predators for penguins and seals on the Southern Continent are the whales.
      • THat is so sad that Polar Bears are starving. Well done on the report though.
        • This is an excellent report on the polar bears. I do not see how anything can survive in Antartica

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