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    Rats!! I need to set an alarm for the Fish Friday on MOm’s phone or her watch. She was painting again! But at least there Desserts are still out!! Yummy! I love petite fours, it doesn’t seem like I’m being a pig if I have a Few!! Moms new painting is looking really nice. A former cat sitter of our, when Angel Hermes was. NOt yet an Angel!! Iris is from Austria! She was here doing post doctoral research at the medical school! When she’d come and feed us, she was teaching us some German. It was so cool. Then she went back home. About six months ago, she and her husband, Jeremy (also a friend, but he is from here) had not one baby, but twins!! A boy and a girl. Jeremy had sent a picture of iris, with the twins in their stroller, out on a walk in the fall. Om is painting that picture. Jeremy paints, but he is a watercolorist!! Bottom line here…Chip was forgotten. But I’m glad she’s painting!! It means she happier!!

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