• Chip posted an update in the group Group logo of I'm OK!I'm OK! 1 month ago

    Good morning, my furends. It sounds like some of you had bad weekends. I’m so sorry to hear about the variety of problems. I’m purring hard for a better week!! It’s just above freezing here right now. And we are expecting a lot of rain, Steady all day long!!! Rats! I don’t like rain! But…I’m ready for it. At least we are all doing pretty well. Dan and I are very well! Mom’s sinooses are making her crazy and the rain today will not be good for her at all she is terrified of getting a sinoose infection! She hasn’t had one for almost two years! But she is scheduled to ce her vaccine Wednesday afternoon and she doesn’t want anything to keep that from happening!! Purrs please, to keep Mom super healthy!!
    Hang in everyone!!

    • We send purrs to Mom Chip. You look ready for any kind of storm
      • Cat P replied 1 month ago
        Hi Chip we’ll keep your mom in our prayers. We hope she still healthy so she can get her shot. My mom uses a nedimeds squeeze bottle when she feels like her sinuses are getting out of wack and it help her, maybe she can try one of those.
        • Oh, mom just described your foul weather gear to me, Chip! Sounds very waterproof!

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