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    I’m Okey dokey! So snd Dad and Mom!! The weather is NOT!! The app on my iCat phone just beeped and said that the light snow here in Louisville is stopping! Cripes!! It was so light we never say it and can’t tell it was ever here!! Then. Om looked at her app on her iPhone, it says it’s been raining for hours and will continue for hours! It’s crazy!! It is just at freezing. So it’s chilly.
    DD needs to call the plumber tomorrow. The thermostat on the water heater has gone berserk! The hot water just keeps getting hotter! The big faucet in the kitchen gets so hot, you can’t touch it to swing it around! And the water coming out, fills the sink with clouds of steam!! So Mom has turned it way down. But it’s just about out of control. At least it can wait until Monday!! No extra charges. Oh. I just remembered what the pawrents forgot, our plumber never has off hour extra charges! Good!!

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