• Oliver posted an update in the group Group logo of Hello Kitty LoversHello Kitty Lovers 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Guess I missed the whole dinner. Mom had a busy day. Her friend was here from out of town overnight.. I really like my Auntie Evelyn & even slept with her part of night. Anyway. I’m sorry I missed being With you & will try to be on time next week.

    • Good night Oliver, at least take to-go boxes, there is lots of food left, It would mae a great snack tonight or lunch tomorrow!
      • Oliver sometimes there are fun things to do like visit with Auntie Evelyn and wow you got to nap with her. Cool. We will see you next week but grab a to go box for you and Mom
        • Hi Oliver. It’s nice that your mom got to visit with her friend. There is plenty of food if you want to fix a plate or you can take a to go box.

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